#SPORTolerance at Children Festival #KidSocialAct

Promoting active volunteerism, love and giving in the society from young ages, through the activities of the Children Festival #KidSocialAct.

Active volunteerism from young age contributes positively to a person’s development. The Social Policy and Action Organization through its programmes and activities promotes the participation of children from 5 years old in activities of love, giving, volunteering, and active citizenship, emphasizing the positive impact on their growth. Active volunteerism and participation the society help children 1) to develop a social spirit and solidarity, 2) to become familiar and respect life values as active members of the society, 3) to develop or/and enhance knowledge and important personal skills, 4) to reduce or eliminate violent behaviors, 5) to enhance knowledge related to life values, 6) to develop emotional stability, 7) to enhance positive self-image, 8) to increase levels of self-respect, 9) to develop the sense of social responsibility, 10) to enhance love and respect towards one-self, 11) to enhance love from humans, every other form of life and environment, 12) to enhance the ability for self-exploration, 13) to develop the ability for empathy, 14) to empower children to ask for help, without fear for rejection, and 15) to contribute towards socialization.

The Social Policy and Action Organization, with the support of Aglantzia Municipality, Isavella KIDS School and young volunteers, on Sunday 26th June 2022, from 17.00, at the Aglantzia Municipality Park “Spyros Kyprianou”, accommodated more than 300 children, with their parents, in the wonderful world of volunteerism, love and giving, through the activities of the Children Festival #KidSocialAct in a beautiful park full of colors, balloons and music by DJ Anna.

Festival Activities aimed among others to 1) promotion of equality, tolerance and love for all, through the sports activities of the Erasmus+ project #SPORTolerance, 2) enhancement of giving, love and empathy, as basic values in volunteerism, through become familiar with life values, and how they are applied, by traveling to the “Life Value Islands”, 3) promotion of recycling through the transformation of old used toys into fantastic crafts through the project #ToysWithLove!, 4) building teams and creating friendships through the European Youth Together project #Connect and 5) enhancement of children’s creativity and fantacy, along with a book, at the #KidSocialAct Fairytale world. Children enjoyed a wonderful evening, full of sports, games, music, dancing and educational activities.
The Festival contributed greatly towards the promotion of projects funded by the Erasmus+, namely #SPORTolerance, #Connect and #KidSocialAct.

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