#SPORTolerance handbook “Sport for the Promotion of Tolerance”

#SPORTolerance “Sport for the Promotion of Tolerance” handbook includes non-formal educational activities focused on combating radicalisation through sport and promoting tolerance and solidarity. The publication includes an explanation of the training methodology Education through sport, as well as specific educational activities in a sports environment. The activities are detailed by the participating in #SPORTolerance project sports experts from 4 countries, created on the basis of their own experience and practice, as well as tested in a real environment and adapted to their feasibility and success to realize the pedagogical goals.

The #SPORTolerance “Sport for the Promotion of Tolerance” handbook also summarises the regulations in the field of prevention of radicalization and promotion of solidarity and tolerance through sport in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Cyprus, as well as good practices from those countries that can serve as source of inspiration to other sports organizations. Ten educational activities, as well as recommendations for working with young people facing heterogeneous challenges complement the handbook.

Project #SPORTolerance is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and aims to contribute to the development of human capacity in sport by implementing a range of mobility for sports coaches, which include both educational modules and modules for the exchange of good practices in the field of sports use to prevent radicalisation and build tolerance and solidarity. The project uses and further develops in the field of tolerance and solidarity, the non-formal educational methodology Education through Sport /ETS/, which is an illustration of the use of sport as a means of learning and thus steps are taken to develop the sport beyond the sport itself.  

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